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  • Kri8 Tours, Inc. of California is an exciting new name in the travel industry.
  • Founded and owned by a veteran of pilgrimage tours who has been in the business for more almost two decades.
  • We are experienced in worldwide travel, different cultures, business and group management.
  • We arrange air and land accommodations, first class hotels, professional tour conductors and guides, meals, and entry fees.
  • Reserve your next pilgrimage tours with us and experience once in a lifetime spiritual journey.

Our Mission

  • At Kri8 Tours, service is our business. We serve with the utmost care and consideration for your well-being.
  • We accommodate and facilitate your group travel needs for a reasonable and competitive rate.
  • It is our creed to make your safety and comfort a priority. We provide you with spiritual, educational, and personal journey while maintaining the liveliness and enthusiasm of group travel.
  • It is our aim and hope that along the way, you may experience spiritual enrichment, spiritual friendship, camaraderie with your group and enjoy the people, food, and culture of other countries.

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